The Handspinner Having Fun yarn shop

Bev enjoying the sun outside the shop on Skye

Bev enjoying the sun outside the shop on Skye

The Handspinner Having Fun yarn shop

The Handspinner Having Fun is a yarn, fiber, spinning and hand knitted garments shop situated at the Old Pier at Broadford, Isle of Skye. Our lovely shop is paradise for any craft addict and has plenty of ready made garments and crafts made locally which make great presents.



hand processed fleese rug

hand processed fleese rug

Our Wool

Yarn is our passions we stock a amazing range that calls out to be touched and squeezed! We Stock a great range of hand spun, hand dyed and art yarn as well as a bountiful amount of roving, tops and unusual fibres for spinning and felting.

New Lanark wools from Scotland, Blue Faced Leicester wool, British wools, cotton, artisan acrylic yarns, mulberry silk, wool tops, fleece, hand spun yarn (e.g. Merino, Wensleydale, Shetland, Jacobs etc), cashmere, sock wool.


Harris Tweed squares

Crafting supplies

For got your needles? We also stock just about everything you will need to turn your new yarn into something stunning and there is always someone on hand to help you out with any crafting questions you have.

Wet and dry felting supplies and goods, peg looms, spinning accessories, tweed selvage from the Isle of Harris, bundles and fat quarters of Harris Tweed, Harris tweed wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing supplies, spinning accessories.

Tea cozie

Tea cozie

Ready made crafts

Here at The handspinner having fun yarn shop we also have a large selection of ready made goodies from local crafters (they have done the hard work for you). Why not come in and try some of our Hand knit hats, mitts, scarves, socks, headbands, snoods, sweaters and jackets on for size!

The Handspinner takes commissions for hand dyed wool, fleece, hand spun wool, hand knitted garments and hand felted goods.  

The shop

The handspinner having fun yarn shop is located in a characterful old tin hut which I have been told was previously a Jewsons, an agricultural store, possibly a church and at another time was split into separate units for a grocers and a bookshop. The business has been in this location about 15 years.

We stock products from Mary Smith and Sarah Addinson (Felters), Ann Christie and  Emma Siegle-Collins (Mixed Fibre Artists), Ann Cullen, Anne Close, Suzanne Seville, Jennifer Whyte, Karen Bertino (Spinners and Knitters), Lorraine Haswell (Vintage Fabric Artist), Christie Thornber and Double Time (Weavers), Murdina Bruce (Knitter).


Bev and Ginger (asbo)

Bev with one of the resident shop cats Ginger (sometimes known as Asbo)

The Handspinner Herself – Bev

I was brought up in the heart of the Yorkshire Woollen area. My parents and many of my family members worked in the woollen mills.

My mum taught me to knit when I was 9 years old. I started to design knitting patterns in my teens and have completed many garments since!

I went to college and qualified as an Occupational Therapist. This profession bases its philosophy on the use of purposeful activity to enable a person to recover after illness or accident.

When I qualified 25 years ago all graduates were taught a range of craft activities to use with clients. Newer treatment techniques have taken over but I still believe there is an important role for creativity and relaxation in people’s nowadays, very stressful lives.

So now I have come full circle, back to my roots of being creative with the beautiful wools and patterns which are the heart of this business.