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Hand Painted spinning wheel

Hand Painted spinning wheel

Having lots of spinning practice and learning new skills. I went to the Guild meeting in At Dingwall Community Centre, Dingwall, Inverness on Saturday 15th June. Was very warmly welcomed and was shown how to Navaho ply the yarn – definitely need more practice at that. There were about 20 of us and members brought all kinds of interesting projects from table looms to Japanese tape making devices (sorry not sure what it was called)!

Then yesterday evening went to the more local Guild meeting at Achmore Village Hall. Ann showed tremendous patience in trying to teaching me how to ‘long draw’ to spin yarn. Again much more practice required….. Again a lovely and friendly group….. Many members having many years experience spinning but very encouraging of early/ beginner spinners……

I am really enjoying spinning, meeting lots of lovely people who have a lot of patience but who are very encouraging of attempts to spin. I would recommend to anyone interested in spinning to go along to your local Guild meeting, chat to as many people as possible and see what can be done. There is a creative process for everyone which they are able to do and enjoy. The meetings I have been to have been a true inspiration!

Many thanks to everyone who has helped, chatted and inspired me!


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One thought on “Spinning Around

  • Joyce Joel

    Glad you enjoyed your Guild experiences. You can’t beat it…being with lots of ‘like-minded’ people and learning from their skills. All craftspeople are generous with their time and sharing their skills. My Guild at Hallamshire is one of the happiest places I know.
    Love Joyce x