So here we all are looking relaxed and blissful at the end of our Yoga and Mindfulness retreat at the Sparsa Eco Resort in Tiruvannamalai.

It was a fabulous week run by Melissa Illingworth who teaches yoga, and Clare Walters who teaches Focussed Mindfulness. I’m on the right side of the front row by the way.

We were lucky enough to be at ‘Tiru’ during full moon. Below is a picture of Mount Arunachala at full moon.

This is a very auspicious time and thousands of pilgrims came from all over India to walk the 14km around the mountain at night. I walked part of it with them – a really lovely, happy and joyful atmosphere.

One of the days I walked from the ashram at the base of the mountain to the cave where Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950) meditated. He is widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding Indian gurus of modern times. This is the view from near to his cave showing the Hindu temple at the base of the mountain.

And so down to earth with a bump…..returning to winter in the UK. I have now permanently moved to the Isle of Skye and am madly working to get the shop open for the 7th of April 2014 … more about this in my next post…….

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