Lace Weight

Lace Weight Yarns are perfect for lightweight, warm weather garments and accessories. Used predominantly in delicate openwork lace textures, lace weight yarns make excellent shawls and wraps with a knitting gauge of 8+ stitches per inch.

Hold two strands of lace weight yarn together to create a fingering weight yarn.  Be bold and use two different colors for a great marbling effect!

Lace Weight Yarn is a popular choice for knitting and crochet among more experienced crafters as it is ideal for producing intricate lace patterns (hence the name) and delicate projects with exquisite drape. The creative possibilities are bountiful and appealing to knitters and crocheters seeking lightweight and breathable fabrics. Well suited to gossamer garments or accessories from scarves & wraps to tops & shrugs and even baby shawls, lace weight yarn can do it all!

Not for the faint-hearted or impatient crafter, Lace Weight yarn is ultra-fine and averaging 36 wraps per inch or higher! It is typically knitted or crocheted on very thin needles and hooks (2mm!), which you’ll find in our collection of knitting needles But don’t forget to check needle recommendations on your chosen pattern as different stitch and structure effects will call for different sizes!

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