Fibre Play Kits


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These kits provide approximately 15g each of 6 different fibres to ‘play’ with. They can be used for spinning, felting or other craft fibre use. Each kit is different but all have a common fibre of white merino wool top. There is sufficient in each kit to spin and knit/ crochet a hat/ scarf/ cowl/ mitts etc made up of the different fibres.

They are great for trying to use new fibres that you have not used before. The colours are all their natural colour and they can be dyed. The type of fibre will dictate the best dye to be used for that fibre.
Enjoy playing!

Each bundle is 15g of the following fibres

Kit 1

Merino Wool with Bamboo and
Camel and Merino Wool
Yak and Silk
Bluefaced Leicester Wool
with Silk
White Merino Wool

Kit 2

Ramie Fibre
Tencel Fibre
White Merino Wool

Kit 3

Seacell Fibre
Rose Fibre
Soya Fibre
White Merino Wool

Kit 4

Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester Wool
Black Shetland Wool
Corriedale Hog Wool
Cheviot Wool
Wensleydale Wool
White Merino Wool

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