Merino Wool with Silk Laceweight – Shoreline

From: £13.75

From: £13.75
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This pretty blend has been spun by one of our lovely spinners on their spinning wheel to a lace weight. This is perfect for shawls or lightweight lacy knits/ crochet.

Hand spun yarn knits/ crochets a little different to machine spun. The fibre weighs a little heavier so the length is a little shorter then machine spun yarn so please take this into account when ordering. We have attempted to include the length of each hank but this is just a rough guide as we cannot measure the length of each hank individually. If you require assistance to decide how much yarn to order then please contact us.

Each hank is a unique product. The weight varies from hank to hank as it depends on the size of the bobbin on the spinning wheel how much is spun at any one time. We have listed the hank weight as well as the length so you can choose how much you need.
The yarn is easy to knit or crochet and gives a lovely texture to the work. It is forgiving so you don’t have to be the best knitter/ crocheter to produce a wonderful finished product.

The instructions of how to use the yarn for the best results are included on each hank. Enjoy!

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Hank Weight

55g 96mtrs, 65g 113mtrs, 70g 121mtrs, 75g 130mtrs, 80g 140mtrs, 85g 147mtrs, 90g 153mtrs