Triple Row Peg Loom Kit


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Our Peg loom Kit comprises of a hand crafted triple row peg loom. This gives you a choice of peg spacings for different projects.  The wider spaced pegs can be used for small fleece rugs or a chunky wall hanging. The smallest spaced pegs can be used for finer weavings and scarves.

The loom comes with with wooden pegs, plastic pegs and a threader and everything else needed to get started.  This includes comprehensive instructions on how to use your loom, 300g of co-ordinating and textured yarns and warp thread.


Just add your imagination!

Yarn colour options

Earth – inspired by the mountains and landscapes of the Isle of Skye

Water – inspired by the seas and waters in the different seasons around the Isle of Skye

Fire – inspired by the amazing sunsets over the Isle of Skye

Air – inspired by the moving textures in the Skye scenery in the different seasons

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Earth, Fire, Water, Air


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