Skye Waves Blanket

From: £135.00

From: £135.00
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This bespoke blanket pattern was written to reflect the coastal waters around the shop when the northerly wind blows.
The blanket is knitted in a variety of yarns and textures so as the yarn changes so does the texture and feel of the blanket.

Skye Waves Blanket 1 – This blanket has been hand knitted from hand spun wool and mohair. the colours are orange/ yellow/purple/ red and green – a real warm and bright colour combination to brighten your room
The blanket measures 109 X 170cm (£95.00)

Skye Waves Blanket 2 – This blanket has been hand knitted from mohair, wool and cotton and art acrylic yarns. The colours are blues, greens and purples and the blanket has a range of varying textures.
The blanket measures 96 X 115cm (£85.00)

If you like the pattern and want to knit your own we have Skye Waves Blanket kits in stock and they will be coming to the website soon. If you don’t see them drop us an email and we can send you details.

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Blanket 1, Blanket 2